Highlights of Asia

Beyond the delights of the food and cosmopolitan cities, you can find a myriad of ancient wonders and sacred places in Asia. From middle-of-nowhere quaysides to pulsing contemporary waterfront docks, cruising Asia is a delight.

A few of the highlights of cruising Asia:

  • Viewing the stunning light shows that play across Hong Kong skyscrapers at night from the deck of ship moored in the harbour, is a lovely experience. After a day exploring the streets, sampling the food and shopping options or taking the funicular to the top of Victoria Peak, a cosy retreat awaits aboard from which to see another side of the city.
  • Cruising into Shanghai is serene in comparison to the frenetic and utterly beguilling experience that awaits ashore. This Chinese powerhouse has boomed beyond recognition during the past 20 years so it's memorable to say you walked the streets of the old and new towns during such a time of growth. You'll have a new definition of 'crowded' once you've spent a few hours in Shanghai!
  • Singapore is a modern, thriving city, kept impeccably clean. Its diverse architecture and sense of East meets West gives any visitor a sense of the exotic, without being confronting. The city's devotion to 50 per cent green space is refreshing when you want to enjoy the amenities without the hustle.


Weather in the south east of the region is tropical so it is warm and humid all year round. The Tropics don't have seasons as such, they have the wet and dry periods. The wet season or monsoon period is from June to September.

The more northerly ports in China and Japan are seasonal and cruises here are in the northern spring and summer.