Pride and Prejudice – Complete Summary

The information that a wealthy young gentleman by the name of Charles Bingley has rented the estate of Netherfield Park produces a great deal of excitement in the neighbouring village of Longbourn, particularly in the household of the Bennets. The Bennets have five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia, all of whom are still single, and Mrs. Bennet is anxiously awaiting the day when all of her daughters will finally tie the knot. Following a social visit paid by Mr. Bennet to Mr. Bingley, the Bennet family goes to a ball where Mr. Bingley is also in attendance. Jane is the object of his affection, and he spends the majority of the evening dancing with her. As a result of his close friend Mr. Darcy’s dissatisfaction with the evening and his haughty refusal to dance with Elizabeth, everyone thinks he is pretentious and annoying.

However, throughout the course of the next weeks, Mr. Darcy discovers that he is increasingly charmed and impressed by Elizabeth’s intelligence and wit when they both attend social occasions. Additionally, Jane’s acquaintance with Mr. Bingley continues to flourish, and she eventually pays a visit to the Bingley mansion. She is forced to remain in Netherfield for several days because she becomes ill while travelling to the home and is caught in a thunderstorm on the way there. In order to cater to Jane, Elizabeth treks across muddy fields and arrives with a tattered clothing, much to the chagrin of the haughty Miss Bingley, who is Charles Bingley’s sister. Elizabeth’s goal is to help Jane. The more Miss Bingley sees that Darcy, whom she is following, is paying quite a bit of attention to Elizabeth, the more vindictive and spiteful she becomes.

When Elizabeth and Jane get back to their house, they discover that Mr. Collins has stopped by to see them. Mr. Collins, a young clergyman, is in line to receive Mr. Bennet’s land, which has been “entailed,” which means that it can only be passed down to male heirs and no female heirs. Mr. Collins stands to benefit from this inheritance. The Bennet sisters have Mr. Collins completely captivated, despite the fact that he is an arrogant fool. Elizabeth is presented with a marriage proposal not long after he has arrived in the country. She does not agree with him, which is a blow to his pride. In the meantime, the girls of the Bennet family have struck up conversations with the militia officers who are stationed in a nearby town. Wickham, a dashing young soldier, is one of them. He is cordial toward Elizabeth and reveals to her how Darcy ruthlessly tricked him out of an inheritance. Wickham is one of these people.

To Jane’s utter dismay, Mr. and Mrs. Bingley, as well as Darcy, leave Netherfield at the start of the winter season and travel back to London. The news that Mr. Collins is engaged to Elizabeth’s best friend Charlotte Lucas, who is also the impoverished daughter of a local knight, comes as a further surprise. Charlotte Lucas is a close confidante of Elizabeth. Charlotte tells Elizabeth that she is getting older and that one of the reasons she wants the match is for financial reasons. Elizabeth makes a vow to return to the newlyweds in their new house after Charlotte and Mr. Collins have tied the knot. As the winter continues, Jane travels to the city to spend time with her pals (hoping also that she might see Mr. Bingley). On the other hand, Miss Bingley pays her a visit and is impolite to her while Mr. Bingley never pays her a single visit at all. It does not look that any of the Bennet girls will find a husband in the near future.

In the spring of that year, Elizabeth pays Charlotte a visit at her new residence, which is situated next to that of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, the patron of Mr. Collins’s establishment and also Darcy’s aunt. When Darcy pays a visit to Lady Catherine, he runs into Elizabeth, and it is Elizabeth’s presence that prompts Darcy to pay multiple visits to the Collins’s home, which is where she is currently residing. One day, he stuns Elizabeth by shockingly proposing marriage, but she immediately declines his offer. She tells Darcy that she finds him pretentious and disagreeable, and then she reprimands him for preventing Bingley and Jane from marrying and for denying Wickham his inheritance. Darcy walks away from her, but not before sending a note to her shortly afterward. In this letter, he admits that he counselled Bingley to keep his distance from Jane, but he asserts that the reason he did so was because he believed that their romance was not going anywhere serious. As for Wickham, he reveals to Elizabeth that the young officer is a liar and that the true reason behind their argument was Wickham’s attempt to flee with his younger sister, Georgiana Darcy. This information is conveyed by Wickham to Elizabeth.

Because of this letter, Elizabeth finds herself rethinking her relationship with Darcy. After she returned home, she continued her unfriendly behaviour toward Wickham. The impending departure of the militia causes the younger Bennet girls to become distressed due to their unhealthy fixation on men. Lydia is successful in persuading her father to let her spend the summer with an elderly colonel in Brighton, which is the location where Wickham’s regiment will be stationed. Elizabeth embarks on yet another trip when June arrives. This time, she travels with the Gardiners, who are related to the Bennet family through the Bennet side of the family tree. The journey leads her to the Northern region, and eventually brings her to the vicinity of Pemberley, which is Darcy’s estate. She pays a visit to Pemberley, but not before ensuring that Mr. Darcy is not there. While there, she takes pleasure in the mansion and its grounds, and she learns through Darcy’s staff that he is a great and generous master. Darcy appears out of nowhere and immediately acts friendly toward Elizabeth. He hosts the Gardiners for dinner and extends an invitation to Elizabeth to meet his sister, all without mentioning his intention to propose.

However, not long after that, Elizabeth receives a letter from back home informing her that Lydia has run away with Wickham and that the two of them cannot be located. This leads Elizabeth to believe that the two are now living together outside of marriage. Elizabeth rushes back to the house because she is concerned about the shame that a scenario of this nature will bring upon her and the rest of her family. Mr. Bennet and Mr. Gardiner set off on a mission to find Lydia, but Mr. Bennet is ultimately unsuccessful in his search and comes home. At the same moment when it appears that all hope has been gone, Mr. Gardiner writes a letter announcing that the pair has been located and that Wickham has consented to marry Lydia in exchange for an annual salary. The Bennets are under the impression that Mr. Gardiner has bought off Wickham, but Elizabeth discovers that Darcy was actually the one who saved their family and provided them with the money that they needed.

Wickham and Lydia, who are now married, make a brief visit to Longbourn, where Mr. Bennet is indifferent to their presence. After that, they get on their way to Wickham’s new job in the northern region of England. Bingley eventually makes his way back to Netherfield and picks up where he left off with his courting of Jane. Although he stays with him and gives the Bennets visits, Darcy never once mentions that he has feelings for Elizabeth or that he wants to marry her. On the other side, Bingley decides to make his move and proposes to Jane, much to the joy of everyone involved (except for Bingley’s proud sister, of course). Lady Catherine de Bourgh pays a visit to Longbourn in the midst of the festivities that are taking place with the family. She corners Elizabeth and tells her that she has heard that Darcy, her nephew, is preparing to marry her. Elizabeth is surprised by this news. Since Lady Catherine believes that a Bennet would be an inappropriate match for a Darcy, she demands that Elizabeth make a pledge that she will reject him. Elizabeth refuses in a feisty manner, stating that she is not engaged to Darcy and that she will not promise anything that would be detrimental to her own happiness. When Elizabeth and Darcy go for a stroll together a short time later, Darcy reveals to her that his sentiments have not changed since the spring when they were together. The proposal is graciously accepted by her, and soon thereafter, Jane and Elizabeth are married.



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